Thank you for your kindness and generosity in support of Santa’s Cupboard! Santa’s Cupboard has been created to help families during the holidays… Families that have an ill child at home or in the hospital. There are so many children that live lives most of us can’t even imagine. They spend so many of their days and nights in a hospital bed enduring medicines, needles and surgeries. Their world revolves entirely around an existence that is very foreign to most of us. This is why Santa’s Cupboard was started.

Here in Michigan, we have many volunteer families and youth groups that will visit our hospitals on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, working with the hospital staff to bring presents of comfort to these sick children.

In the spirit of giving, we relieve the family from worrying about shopping for Christmas presents, so they may spend all of their time with their sick child. WE BECOME SANTA CLAUS FOR THESE FAMILIES!

This is Santa’s Cupboard and we thank you for your help in providing very deserving children with the gift of Happy Holidays. On behalf of the children, families, volunteers and staff, THANK YOU for your tremendous support and generosity. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Executive Director
Gina Picconatto-Anderson

Board Members
John Bellsmith
Heather Bishop
Pam Stahl